Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Changes within.... the Changepot

Here is a kamikaze penny- hiding in the wild.

Fellow numismatics:

I have exhausted all approaches in cleaning pennies. Taco sauce, ketchup, vinegar & salt, even tarn-x are no match for the clogged stuff. After lengthy deliberation, hubby and I decided it was in our best interest to convert our corroded currency into cash (whoa.. alliteration!).
Last we counted, the changepot had a little over 800 pennies and a handful of ugly (green, reddish brown, rusted etc.) coins. I took ALL of the changepot pennies to the bank today- smiling because all of it was FOUND MONEY and my reward for this service would be some crispy bills in exchange.

We were given $10. 17 for the exchange- meaning our changepot received an additional $1.05 from the sorter. At first, I questioned the machine's integrity. The teller informed me that prior to our transaction someone had spent an awful lot of time processing sacks of coinage. Apparently the person beforehand forgot to push in what turned out to be a SUSAN B. ANTHONY ($1.00) , a nickel, and a penny into the coin sorter. WHOOPEEE!! A dollar five for showing up on time for some free dough... ::doin the happy dance::

While waiting online to get my dough, hubby spotted a penny and what looks to be a very abused quarter. I will not add the quarter as it is barely recognizable but at least he's got a companion quarter that I found in the mall eons ago. Two other quarters are pictured to show some semblance of normalcy:

Later on we found more change- $0.68 in the form of two quarters, one nickel, and thirteen pennies. I am on my way to grad class so I may find some on campus... who knows? :) $0.09 cents in the snack lounge found by Mr. Krabs himself.

Total Cash found and redeemed today: $1.83
Total Since Blog Inception: $84.90

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Brian said...

You should count the quarter, and the Susan B! That coin-sorter overage is a common error in your favor. And mangled currency is still currency.