Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Even pigeons get the blues.

Today Hubby and I ventured into Manhattan. What started out as a routine trip to the gym turned into a half hour ferry ride and a four hour walk around the city. We went to various places of historical value. My feet are so swollen
right now!

Changepot Happenings:

Today we have found $0.22 in the form of one dime and twelve pennies. A dime and a penny were discovered at Borders book store in the city and the other eleven pennies were all found in Manhattan. One more thing... I figured Manhattan would be ripe with change considering the amount of people that pour through the streets on any given day- WRONG!


We went back out to the mall and found a total of $5.48 in the form of one five dollar bill, three dimes, one nickel, and thirteen pennies! That makes our total $5.70 exactly. YIPPPEEEEE A new changepot milestone!!

Total Cash found and redeemed today: $5.70
Total Since Blog Inception: $83.07

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