Thursday, May 11, 2006

Happy 65th, Momma.

Here is a photo of hungry butterflies at the Bronx Zoo's Butterfly Garden:

I am exhausted. Today grandma krabs turns 65 . I, being the only child, went on a shopping spree/binge. Our first stop was the Palisades Mall in NY- an area with little coinage ($0.15 worth) but decent shopping nonetheless. I purchased her gifts and headed over to our familiar change haven- Jersey Gardens. The last stop was our favorite grocery store for a quick cake and balloons. My ankle is feeling a bit better though.

Change update:
Today we found a total of $0.78 in the form of five dimes and twenty eight pennies. It was a tough day considering consumers were at work and the handful of shoppers present held on to every coin like a childhood grudge (ughhh.. i tried!). During our change hunt, hubby thought he'd spotted a quarter underneath a vehicle and it turned out to be a BARBIE NICKEL. Had we adopted the change race rules, Hubby would have to carry this thing around in shame.. heheheh hilarious concept!! I love those guys!

Changes a-comin' :

Pretty soon the changepot finds are going to decrease in amount because my partner in crime is returning to work. Our mile long walks are also postponed until my ankle heals. Here is a pic of the ugly pennies we found today- there's all kinds of green glop on it... yay new finds for the ugly change jar!

Total Cash found and redeemed today: $0.78
Total Since Blog Inception: $85.68

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