Monday, May 08, 2006

"I'll take that paper"

The title today pays homage to the greatest video game ever: GRAND THEFT AUTO. heheh.
I am sitting here with extreme writer's block (not good considering my 3500+ word paper is due in less than two weeks). I am in love with my minnie mouse pen.

Changepot Conquests:

New cash record- Our find today is $3.05 in the form of one dollar, four quarters, three dimes, four nickels, and a record breaking fifty five pennies. Sixty two cents of it was found before 2pm. Here is some of the breakdown:

A Quarter and dime were spotted at a handball court. A nickel and two pennies popped up near the cafeteria and the other pennies were scattered all over the place. The penny finds are getting much harder to document for some reason. I think I better create a template to keep track before my weary mind forgets :(

The Dollar bill, two quarters, a dime and a nickel came from our new undisclosed location ;-)
The rest of the money came from Stop & Shop and the mall. Altogether it was quite a busy day!
Love and frankfurters

Total Cash found and redeemed today: $3.05
Total Since Blog Inception: $77.37

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