Friday, May 12, 2006

The power of ONE.

I woke up feeling optimistic for a change. Today's change finds proved my feeling was on the money (literally!). Hubby and I ventured out to run some errands and found many lonely friends. I received a wonderful gift from Hubby- a pink guess watch I've shad my eye on for months hehehe. Today is our "unofficial" anniversary- that is, today is the historical day we met for the first time and spent hours talking on my couch. He arrived at my doorstep in a beat up Mazda 323 flowerless (despite the fact that it was Mothers day a day earlier!) and full of hot air. I didn't like his appearance at first but he grew on me.. especially when he showed up in uniform later on (hubba hubba!) .

I could gush about how it's been since then but i'll spare you the details. Even though it's only one o'clock, the change hunt was quite successful considering last night's insane rainstorm. Here is the update:


Today we found $1.09 in the form of one quarter, five dimes, one nickel, and twenty nine pennies. All five dimes, the nickel, and twenty one pennies were found on campus throughout various buildings as I registered for fall grad classes. The quarter and eight pennies were found at the mall. I'll update more later since I am on my way back out to the city.

UPDATE!!! 8:50 PM

We found an additional $3.07 at a mall in the form of a dollar bill, four quarters, nine dimes, one nickel, and twelve pennies!! According to hubby, people were "droppin' dime" everywhere- and we were in the right place at the right time to catch them. Even DD caught 30 cents of her own (we are sooo proud of how she deftly retrieved the coinage without calling attention to herself!) . The four quarters were found after school (apparently the rainstorm flushed them out of their hiding places) and the dollar bill was found by a playground area. The dollar was my very first paper currency find and it felt great! What a way to end a week !!!

So here are the change finds today in total:
$4.16 in the form of one dollar, five quarters, fourteen dimes, two nickels, and forty one pennies.

Total Cash found and redeemed today: $4.16
Total Since Blog Inception: $89.84

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