Monday, May 22, 2006

It all starts here...

I finished my paper for grad class and now i'm on official vacation YAYYYYY!!!!
Tomorrow is the first day of operation:scrubdown.... this house is filllthy.
Since I am a bit exhausted I'll just cut to the chase and report the changepot findings for today.


Today we found $2.03 in the form of five quarters, four dimes, two nickels, and twenty eight pennies. Even though we found a nice chunk of coinage, our normal changefind spot was EMPTY. Yes ladies and gents... we have officially exhausted our Dunkin' Donuts change hut.
The very first find of the day was discovered quite by accident at my favorite pizzeria . I happened to look down while waiting for my pizza and found a shiny, brand new Indiana state quarter. The rest of the change was found on campus and at the mall where we took the girls in hopes of exhausting them and instead wound up tuckering ourselves out for the night! FYI, there are some mutant looking pennies in my lil' changepot coinholder.

Total Cash found and redeemed today: $2.03
Total Since Blog Inception: $103.79

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