Saturday, May 20, 2006

Post 121: BJ and lobo...or rather, Why I love Being a New Yorker (PART ONE)

Today is a very special day!!!
First off, we are officially over the $100.00 mark (details forthcoming). Second, my brain is partially liquefied because I have 12 more pages to go and nothing is coming through. Complete writer's block. Instead, I feel like telling the story of my day and let the chips fall where they may....

BJ and lobo....why I love Being a New Yorker (PART ONE)

Today I received a complementary 60 day membership from BJ's in the mail. Curiosity got the best of me so I hopped in the car and off I went. We wandered through the aisles aimlessly, picking up crap we don't need. The total came out to about the same amount we usually spend in Costco. No sweat. We pack up groceries, say goodbye to BJs (mutual decision to not shop here because of price difference), hopped in our car and spot the gas price on the way out. $2.79! (That's 6 cents cheaper than our already super cheap gas price that we happily pay when in Jersey). Immediately hubby hooks a left and gets in line for gas (approximately ten vehicles in front of us). While we wait (not just us, mind you, there were at least a dozen hungry SUV's in line), some dolt with a dark blue BMW decides to cut us all off and pulls up to a pump. People start to fidget. My husband starts catching the vapors (when the eyebrows start to knit together, he gets a Hitleresque look that frightens the skittles outta me) but I shrug it off. What we fail to notice is that Beamer Man's gas tank is on the RIGHT SIDE (popular European gaudiness).

Well, apparently other folks missed that minor detail as well. Our turn came to fill up. As hubby gingerly pulls our car up to the open pump, we hear a barrage of curses fly out in rapid succession. Three different people start yelling at blue BeamerMan because of his blatant show of power ("I can cut the line cuz i'm special"). The already high-on-caffeine-and-something-else gasoline attendant (who looked much like a reject from a Jay and Silent Bob teen movie) tried to reason with the three raucous New Yorkers who continued to sling filthy curses, packed with a few ethnic potshots (the beamer man was Jewish) to no avail. The attendant then ran to the phone and called for a manager. I felt bad for the boy as he was getting a few choice words thrown his way as well but I couldn't focus on him. I was too busy absorbing every minute detail so I can spew it on this blog lol.

The vehicle behind us contained a massive, broad shouldered African American who had a face that looked exactly like Bubba Smith. He didn't get out of the car but I'm sure that if he did, it would have been an absolute nightmare. I think he realized why BeamerMan did what he did so he left it alone. The next vehicle (a jet black Ram 1500) yielded a visibly angry Italian American man. From a distance I observed what seemed to be a dark bluish vein frame the side of his head- he was FUMING. I dare not repeat the words I heard because I'm a God-fearing Catholic woman but I am happy because thanks to him, I have now uncovered new ways to conjugate the German word ficken .

The last potty-mouthed driver sprouted out of a tiny sedan. He didn't say quite as much as the Italian man did but i'm sure the urge was there. The Beamer Man popped out of his vehicle (along with his young son) and for a moment it looked like he was going to confront the Ram Stallion. He then turned and went back into his car. My guess is he was waiting for the manager to show up. Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to see the rest of the spectacle because our tank was full. We did manage to catch the Ram driver do a DeNiro style point and nod of the head. I wonder if it'll turn any uglier?

So you're probably wondering why I love being a New Yorker? It's because people like the Ram man build a 'Don't ficken with me' reputation which makes the rest of us look like badasses too. Grrrr ::pounds on chest:: hear me roar!!!


Today we found $2.63 in the form of one dollar, three quarters, six dimes, three nickels, and thirteen pennies!! YAYYY! We have reached $100.00 in less than one year! (October 9, 2005- May 20, 2006) Our first find was one nickel and one penny at the usual Dunkin' Donuts. Our next chunk of change was found on campus during our fitness trek. The rest of the money was found in our coveted change haven outside of school. I have had a wonderful time finding change and it feels good to surpass the hundred dollar mark knowing that not one penny was mine to begin with. Ahhh buon fortuna!

Total Cash found and redeemed today: $2.63
Total Since Blog Inception: $100.32

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