Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wilderness Pings Revisited.

Here is a picture of what we like to call a "wilderness ping"- a coin that has mysteriously adopted a camouflage pattern to match its surroundings (kinda like a coin chameleon).

We spent the majority of the day inquiring about real estate around Brooklyn (mannn it's EXPENSIVE) with disheartening results. The average price for a three family bedroom home is $550K. I AM DISGUSTED. Instead of schlepping home dejected, we spent the rest of the day playing basketball (Sandy got two baskets), racing for cash prizes, handball, and, of course, change hunting.


Today we found a total of $3.71 in the form of a dollar bill, a SUSAN B. ANTHONY dollar coin, three quarters, five nickels, four dimes, and thirty pennies- making it quite an impressive double change cycle (all we needed was a half dollar to make it a miracle!). The changespotting began at 9am when we approached our first realtor office in Brooklyn. I found a nickel and two pennies next to a parking meter. The next find was a dime and three pennies by Fort Hamilton. Four pennies greeted us at the basketball court on the base as well. The rest of the change ($3.47) all came from on campus at the following spots:

Soccer Field/gravel:
$1.00 dollar bill*
$0.05 nickel
$1.00 Susan B. Anthony

Kitty zeroes in on the susan b anthony after hubby announces the find. Judging from the condition of the coin, this puppy was dropped quite recently. This is the second dollar coin found this year (2006).

$0.75 three quarters in soda machine

Music Hall:
$0.30 three dimes
$0.14 14 pennies

Parking Lot (grass & concrete):
$0.15 3 nickels
$0.08 8 pennies

*The dollar find was extremely rare and only happened because Kitty (the dollar coin retriever) had to go potty realll bad. We are in the last stages of potty training so it was quite a close call. As I sped off to the nearest building, I swooped down, pocketed the bill, and continued on my merry way. I am happy to report that both the potty trip and the dollar find missions were successful!!

Total Cash found and redeemed today: $3.71
Total Since Blog Inception: $255.21

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