Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tired. Sleep. Please.

This post might not make any sense since I am so incredibly exhausted. Instead of going on about my day, I'll cut right to the chase:

Today we found $2.42 in the form of one dollar bill (found in movie theater lounge chair), two quarters, four dimes, three nickels, and thirty seven pennies.

We also found an odd medal of St. jude at the mall which doesn't count toward today's total but it will stay in my daily changepot collection purse until further notice.

*UPDATED* Last night I was quite tired and fairly incoherent. Here is what transpired in a nutshell:

Went to the mall to find an air filter for my range extractor. Found lots of change instead. Headed home to check on Stitch. Went back out to JG. Took the kiddies to see the Disney movie CARS (Great film if you're into heavy Disney indirects). Took the kids for two second supper at JG. Bought items for special occasion Sunday (FATHER'S DAY).

Total Cash found and redeemed today: $2.42
Total Since Blog Inception: $257.63


Penny Squisher said...


I really like these change hunting blogs. I keep track of change on my blog, too, though the primary focus is my obsession with squished pennies. I added a link to your blog to my blog this evening right under Bailey, Chris, and Brian's links. I don't find too much change because I live in the middle of nowhere ;-). I find most of my change when I go into Portland shopping. Big cities are much better for this sort of thing.

Anyway, I am done babbling now. I'll keep reading your blog (I think you find even more change than Chris!)


Mrs. Krabs said...

Hi Kristina and welcome to my blog! :)

Change hunting is definitely a lost art. Since I live and travel all around New York City often, I often find many abused and carelessly discarded coins. There is much to be said about New Yorkers and excess IMO!

The amount of money I find is the combination of seven (grandparents included) people who realize one thing: change is still desirable regardless of denomination :)

Happy Hunting!