Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Adult Education.

Our society is quite complex. Sometimes we tend to forget a little thing called manners. Today I witnessed someone who was of a higher "status" in life try to berate a lower employee with minimal result. All over a stupid ID card. Whatever.

Our changefind was ripe with pennies today (corroded pennies at that!). Hubby found A Quarter, dime, nickel, and three pennies. Sandy and I managed to pull a dime and seven pennies during out PT run this afternoon. Tomorrow she weighs in at the docs. I am impressed by her determination to lose weight.

On a happier note- I got to try some of FH's borough renowned sushi and I must say.. I AM HOOKED! This joint is open 24 hours- nothing like those late night wasabi cravings gettin' satisfied on a boring night :)

FIVE MORE DAYS.. and the changepot will turn ONE year old. I am such a proud momma! :)

Total found today : $0.60
Total Since Blog Inception: $351.52

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