Thursday, October 05, 2006

A night out.. and a few coins along the way.

Hubby and I don't get to go out much. We pride ourselves on our homely mentality at times. Last night we saw Bruce Norris' dark play "The Pain and the itch". I wasn't quite impressed but I did happen to like the subtle innuendos calling attention to a post-911 world where all the emphasis goes to power, politics, and family safety. The highlight of the evening was hubby getting Ethan Hawke's autograph (which he gave happily since hubby raved about his performance in "Hamlet(2000))".

We also spotted Frankie Faison at the theatre checking in for another play- and a few other familiar faces with common roots in theatrephilia.

The changehunt slowed down some on this day. I took Sandy with me in the early hours to run a few errands and found a total of $0.08- a nickel and three pennies at the post office. Hubby found $0.14 on our night out- a dime and a penny at the ferry parking lot, a penny in front of a metrocard machine on 42nd st. and a penny on the way back home at the same train station (42nd).

Total found today : $0.22
Total Since Blog Inception: $351.74

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