Friday, October 06, 2006

Rainy Day Finds...

Quick post:

Today we ran a few errands in the rain- hoping to obtain some peace and quiet while the kiddies were away. As a result, we found a nice chunk of change and two new foreign coins to add to the mix. We also found a functional mens watch. This is what we've found (so far):

Quarters: 2
dimes: 5
nickels: 2
pennies: 11

Foreign coins:
1 Krone (Norway)
5 Pesos (Dominican Republic)
10 cents (Canada)

i'll probably update this post when I return for night 2 on the town. Well.. it's more like much needed time away with the man who puts up with me :) Ain't love a many splendored thing? Toodles!

Total found today : $1.21
Total Since Blog Inception: $352.92

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