Friday, October 13, 2006

Pennies from Pockets... not from charity, please.

Today Sandy and I went into the city to run a few errands. We witnessed a few interesting things. The pic of today is of a ferry rider looking extremely excited. I love taking odd pictures of unsuspecting people... used to do it all the time in high school. Anywhoo... Sandy and I had a rather fun day together- until we got home where Kingdom hearts called her attention away and now she sleeps peacefully.

We also saw a mariachi band play a tune on the subway. My mom says they play on this particular subway line all the time since the tourists love the #4 train. I say "hoorah" to them.

On the change front, Sandy and I found exactly $0.24 - a dime at Dunkin' Donuts, a dime while waiting for the ferry and four pennies all over manhattan. Finally, some change budged!! Hubby found an arsenal of pennies (22 to be exact!) while waiting to pick us up at the ferry. The four of us went for a walk after dinner and found four dimes, one nickel, and one interesting penny which appears condensed to match the shape of a dime. I am tempted to hold on to this coin as it looks soo cool but it's found money and in the pot it goes until further notice.

During our brisk walk through Joggers' Park we found a nice cache of bottles which I've got tucked in the back of my car so I won't mix it up with the cans in the house. Tomorrow we'll be skipping around the island so I'm hoping to find at least ten cents to close out the week at five dollars since Monday.

P.S- I am quite unhappy with the bank I chose to put the Changepot 05' totals in. Apparently the rate of return is 0.25% every THREE (3) months... I was kinda hoping to see a monthly change in numbers. Time to shop for a better rate or at least find something stable and small to invest $365.50 in... if any of you have suggestion(s), please feel free to comment and I'll mull over the prospects. Thanks in advance! :)

Total found today : $0.92
Total since 10/05/06: $4.90

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