Saturday, October 14, 2006

Quick Update-

A little under a month ago, Hubby found some interesting old coins which was added into the changepot for FY 05'. They were seven half dollars which were in good shape. Right off the bat I knew these coins had more than their surface worth so I held on to them until I got a chance to visit a coin dealer. Today we attended a coin show and we sold five of the coins (we've kept one of each type for our numismatic collection). Basically, the changepot received $14.00 extra compliments of the economy- catapulting the found change of fiscal year 05' to $379.50... each coin is worth $3.50 (they are paying $7 per 1oz of silver).

The quarter and dime we found was sold for $2.45 (basically we got $2.10 for the changepot FY 06') and three other quarters hubby found about two years ago fetched him $5.25. He has graciously donated it to Changepot FY 06'.

My kids got a nice gift from the event holder and his wife- two uncirculated Eisenhower dollar coins (worth approx. $6-10 bucks depending on where it's sold) and pennies before and after a strike. They are quite happy and so am I. I got my hands on some nice coins for my collection- including an 1882 Morgan Silver Dollar (it has sentimental value for me) and a few barber coins of my favorite year - 1904.

Numismatics is a good way for kids to learn about money. While it does not rule everything, it's nice to see how america commemorates important events and preserves patriotism in coins. Still our most important facet in american coins has to be the one saying that all US currency has in common: E Plurubus Unum or In God We Trust.

IMPORTANT LESSON: Fellow coinhunters please inspect your coins and make sure you keep up to speed with the metal values... if it looks valuable, it might very well be :) If you're curious about the value of your coins, check on ebay first.. if it's selling higher than face value, it'll show there.

Total today: $7.35
Total since 10/05/06: $12.25

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