Thursday, October 12, 2006


I am so excited!! I thought today would be a bad change hunting day since the weather looked so off.. boyyy was I wrong! Check out what the rain brought out:

Yes... a 1964 Silver Quarter!!! And that's not all.. we found this lovely baby not too far from it

The coins were found at Jogger's Park. They look so incredibly bright too.. I am shocked.
Here's the inventory of what else we uncovered:

One quarter
four dimes
two nickels
thirteen pennies

We also found lots of foreign coins:
25 centavos from Dominican Republic
10 Yen from Japan
11 cents (Dime and penny) from Canada
Five Pence and one Large Penny from the U.K.
1 cent from Trinidad and Tobago (new country coin find!)

The mess of foreign coins were uncovered at a COINSTAR machine while the rest of the change stemmed from walking around Staten Island, Manhattan, Sandy's schoolyard, and the NJ turnpike rest stop by the George Washington Bridge. What can I say.. I'm a happy camper :)

Total found today : $1.23
Total since 10/05/06: $3.98

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