Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wednesday Drizzles

Today was a CRAPPY DAY. Aside from the plane crash on 72nd and York, I kept getting bad news from the moment I woke up. I soon got over it when Kitty came over and hugged me tightly. She does this cutest little baby voice when she says "Mommy I love you". It reminds me of an 80's talking baby I had a while back. Along with this post I have added a pic from Monday's Parade- this guy caught my eye.. something about these still life looking renaissance goons makes things look strangely normal? Bah! After I snapped the pic, the buffoon waved. Oh well.. talk about timing lol.

Change Happens.. even on rainy days!! :)

Sandy Cheeks found a dime and a nickel in school today. She boasted about how she cleverly swooped and comandeered the coin before a passerby tried to lay claim. I told her not to gloat because it could ruin the karma of the changefind. She nodded her head and happily continued playing Kingdom Hearts II. Hubby came home with a dime and a penny (the change he wanted to get last night to obtain the fourth eleven cent combo)- two gifts from the java junky hut Dunkin' Donuts (the same one that paid him last night). I think I may have to get this man a nice keg sized coffee mug so he can quit the DD Habit- four bucks on coffee twice a day seems somehow extravagant in my book. After dinner, my darling Husband ran off to the man store (Home Depot) to get a few things. He returned with the items and fourteen cents- a dime and four pennies scattered through the wet parking lot.

I actually finished baking some cupcakes for my husband's boss. Part of me feels a bit "homemaker"ish right about now. It smells like Chocolate in my house. I guess it feels kinda homey here :)

Total found today : $0.40
Total since 10/05/06: $2.75

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