Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's raining quarters!

Since Hubby is still technically on vacation, we ran a few errands and found some coins along the way. We scored five quarters today (a serious oddity!) and some other coins including a bermuda quarter. The first stop was the grocery store where we bought groceries for the next few weeks. We found $0.53 and the bermuda quarter at the coinstar machine in the store. Luckily the machine is right next to the coupon section where I found lots of great deals on things I intended to purchase anyway and I saved myself over $3.00! Stop two was Hubby's job where we picked up some paperwork (the man is never really on vacation...people of his profession never really are for some reason). We found $0.26 in the form of one quarter and one seriously bent penny (he dug it up from the ground with a pen). Stop three yielded $0.56 (two quarters, one nickel, one penny) as we went mall hopping for a little bit to get some exercise.

I've been feeling under the weather lately. While I'm not totally sick (no fever or anything like that), I just feel completely off-kilter. After conferring with a family friend, I think I may have the "holiday blues"- a mild form of seasonal depression. Looking around yesterday, I don't think I'm alone on this one- people seem a bit disillusioned. Where did all the holiday cheer go??

Total found: $1.35
Total thus far: 128.71


Anonymous said...

Don't just love recouping those dirty unloved bent coins! I was talking to an acquaintance about "what I do." Told him I'm in the recoupment field... he didn't quite get it. Anyways, it sounds like something special.
Andy from Simi Valley, CA

Mrs. Krabs said...

Absolutely! Sometimes I wonder just how long they've been there. Hubby passes the spot where we found the penny on a daily basis. Also I wonder just how corrosive the ground is that it would bend the alloy so awkwardly??