Saturday, June 07, 2008

Coin Sale Proceeds : July 2008

And so despite the immense heat, our family set out to sell the last of the found silver we'd unearthed back in this post (Silver Coins) at a nearby Coin show. Our last chunk of silver coins ($4.00 face value) yielded us $20.00 even- thus bringing the changepot up by $20.00! The dealer wanted to take a look at our foreign coins but my daughter was in charge of that- she wouldn't allow him to take a peek. Congrats to her for being so headstrong! I told her that we should look into the values of each individual coin and launch a just for fun appraisal campaign to see what these coins would yield us over time. She agrees it would be a great math project for the summer. I'm all for it!

And now we head out again.. but before I go, I'll factor in today's Coin Sale totals and add it to the changepot:

Total today: $20.00
Total thus far: $340.44

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